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Strained lattice with persistent atomic-order

PhD student Sagar Prabhudev along with Matthieu Bugnet (Post-doc) and Dr. Botton published an article in the trending materials journal ACS Nano, introducing the newest nanocatalyst member to Pt-Fe system with an intermetallic core-shell (IMCS) nanoarchitecture. These catalysts were found to exhibit the highest activity and catalytic durability compared to all other Pt-Fe systems reported thus far. Their work that was carried out in collaboration with Dr. Christina Bock at NRC-Ottawa was featured under Nanowerk’s Spotlight, available to here

Left: STEM-HAADF image of Pt3Fe2 intermetallic coreshell (IMCS) nanocatalyst showing alternating bright and dark intensities for Pt and Fe atomic columns, respectively, at the core. Right: Three-dimensional model of a typical IMCS nanocatalyst. Pt and Fe atoms are represented by gray and yellow, respectively. (Reprinted with permission from American Chemical Society)


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